About our Producers

Siren Nation is a unique arts organization that showcases and creates performance and exhibition opportunities for women throughout the year. It is the only women’s collective that produces an annual festival showcasing the original work of women working in music, film, performance and visual art. Siren Nation’s mission is to inspire and empower women of all ages to create their own art and to highlight the many achievements of women in the arts. Siren Nation promotes and showcases the original work of women artists by creating year round performance, exhibition and educational opportunities.

Mag-Big isa retail shop and art gallery for local designers located on 33rd/Hawthorne Blvd. We are currently featuring over 225 artists from Portland, representing a wide array of apparel, jewelry, house ware, craft, and visual art. In addition to fostering such a huge community of production artists, our shop offers sewing classes, craft nights, DIY workshops, art openings, and many other exciting events.

Breedom Public Sewing House is a comfortable, stress-free space to learn the art of sewing. We’re committed to developing a community of skilled teachers and sewing enthusiasts that can share their techniques with others. It is imperative to us that the time-honored tradition of sewing reaches all ages and genders. Our Public Sewing House also allows patrons to rent out a machine by the hour for personal projects. We also sell locally made sewing notions and consignment items built by our teachers and students.


an urban runway

What makes Alley 33 really stand out is its active occupation of an entire city street for the purposes of bringing Portland’s best designers directly to the public space. By building nearly a 60 foot run-way down the historic mural alley of 33rd ave, we present to our community a reason to celebrate local production.

As more designers are signing onto our program, it is becoming more evident how special this event will be. It is the first of its kind, and Hawthorne is the perfect site for the collaborative efforts of those who define our cultural terrain through design and production.

We have also scheduled TWO very exciting fundraisers which directly contribute to this event, and will be an absolute blast!

The two BIGGEST Clothes Swaps of the year!

Saturday, April 23rd 11am-3pm at The Woods

and Sunday, May 15th noon-5pm at The Secret Society.

Please invite all your friends! Men and Women! The more people who attend, the more clothes to choose from!

$5 Door charge and a bag of your un-used garments gets you a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE! These clothes swaps are not to be missed!

Bring your friends! You can invite them via facebook:

Clothing Swap SE

Clothing Swap NE

Get involved! Contact Fashion.Hawthorne@gmail.com to volunteer.

Alley 33 Recycled Fashion Swaps are booked!

We present to the public two clothes swaps as an opportunity to replenish our wardrobes for the Spring, share our love of fashion, AND proceeds contribute to the First Annual Alley 33 Fashion Event!
Clothes Swap at The Woods Saturday, April 23rd 11am-4pm 

Clothes Swap at The Secret Society Sunday, May 15th Noon-4pm

Bring a small bag of clothes, leave with a whole new wardrobe! Invite All of your friends! We have Spring Fashion Fever!!! 

$5 door charge contributes to The 1st Annual Alley 33 Fashion Event!

Feel free to forward this event to others!

See you there!!!

Our selections for this years program have been made!

Our last meeting was committed to serious deliberation about which designers to select for the 1st Annual Alley 33 Fashion Event. Now that we have made our selections, we have a clearer vision about the structure of the show, and in what categories our apparel designers may be featured.

Our show will include

-easy-fit / casual

-high fashion

-swim wear



-conceptual fashion


We are proud to announce the wide array of selections in each category, and look forward to announcing the designers once we have created our program.

We have our name and we’re keepin’ it!

We have finally agreed on the perfect name for our show, befitting of its geographic qualities, its guerilla-style aesthetic, and its urban ethos:

The 1st Annual Alley 33 Fashion Event.


Our panel has officially made its selections for the program of designers, and we’re so excited to involve them in what is sure to be Portland’s next-big fashion premier.

Our pledge video should be ready in the coming week, so please keep yourself updated. There’s so much more to come!

If you have any questions about getting involved, please contact Fashion.Hawthorne@gmail.com


Our Kickstarter.com Pledge Drive is LAUNCHED!

As a committee, we are working hard to plan three major fundraisers, and have also launched a pledge drive on kickstarter.com. Our video for kickstarter.com will be filmed in the coming week or so, so watch out for that, too!


Visit our Kickstarter page

Please check it out and share it with others!

Other fundraisers are in the works and will be really fun and exciting– such as a HUGE Clothes Swap!!!

Thanks you all for supporting local production! We’ll keep you updated!

Our Mission and our first committee meeting


Here’s the plan:

On July 23rd, 2011 , Hawthorne will have its first annual Local Apparel Design Fashion Show. The Fashion Show is about sustainability through local production. It is no secret that Portland has amazing apparel designers, but it is still an on-going effort to bring small production to the foreground as a palpable and qualified source for high fashion. We are curating over thirty designers with a wide array of garments from easy-fit casual wear to high couture. We celebrate Portland’s production designers, silk-screeners, up-cylists, swimwear designers, dress makers, cobblers, and all of those who re-define fashion as we know it.

Our committee consists of:

Cassie Ridgway, owner/designer at Mag-Big on Hawthorne

December Carson, co-founder of Siren Nation

Bree Perry, writer for Portland Fashion Weekly and owner of Breedom Open Sewing      Studio

Skye Blue, owner of Skye Blue Can Sew

Marissa Sullivan, writer for Portland Mercury Fashion Blog and Thrillist

Stephanie Blair, owner of Peacock boutique

Christine Mcknernan, owner of Chalk-let

Bettie Newell, writer for Little Paper Cities (formerly, Handmade In Portland)

Amber Arquette, designer for Dress Up Alice Designs

Jenn Finn, painter and designer of Jenn Finn Designs

Laurel Dickman, designer

Avery Bloom, designer for Recession Clothing

Beth Olson, photographer and graphic designer Beth Olson Designs

Courtney Amundsen, Lazy Lolita Designs

Together, we are fund-raising, building a legendary runway, seeking out designers, models, sponsors, and volunteers, and getting bringing this show to fruition. It will be a wonderful addition to Hawthorne, and will become a beloved yearly event to invigorate our awareness of local production!