What makes Alley 33 really stand out is its active occupation of an entire city street for the purposes of bringing Portland’s best designers directly to the public space. By building nearly a 60 foot run-way down the historic mural alley of 33rd ave, we present to our community a reason to celebrate local production.

As more designers are signing onto our program, it is becoming more evident how special this event will be. It is the first of its kind, and Hawthorne is the perfect site for the collaborative efforts of those who define our cultural terrain through design and production.

We have also scheduled TWO very exciting fundraisers which directly contribute to this event, and will be an absolute blast!

The two BIGGEST Clothes Swaps of the year!

Saturday, April 23rd 11am-3pm at The Woods

and Sunday, May 15th noon-5pm at The Secret Society.

Please invite all your friends! Men and Women! The more people who attend, the more clothes to choose from!

$5 Door charge and a bag of your un-used garments gets you a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE! These clothes swaps are not to be missed!

Bring your friends! You can invite them via facebook:

Clothing Swap SE

Clothing Swap NE

Get involved! Contact Fashion.Hawthorne@gmail.com to volunteer.