Here’s the plan:

On July 23rd, 2011 , Hawthorne will have its first annual Local Apparel Design Fashion Show. The Fashion Show is about sustainability through local production. It is no secret that Portland has amazing apparel designers, but it is still an on-going effort to bring small production to the foreground as a palpable and qualified source for high fashion. We are curating over thirty designers with a wide array of garments from easy-fit casual wear to high couture. We celebrate Portland’s production designers, silk-screeners, up-cylists, swimwear designers, dress makers, cobblers, and all of those who re-define fashion as we know it.

Our committee consists of:

Cassie Ridgway, owner/designer at Mag-Big on Hawthorne

December Carson, co-founder of Siren Nation

Bree Perry, writer for Portland Fashion Weekly and owner of Breedom Open Sewing      Studio

Skye Blue, owner of Skye Blue Can Sew

Marissa Sullivan, writer for Portland Mercury Fashion Blog and Thrillist

Stephanie Blair, owner of Peacock boutique

Christine Mcknernan, owner of Chalk-let

Bettie Newell, writer for Little Paper Cities (formerly, Handmade In Portland)

Amber Arquette, designer for Dress Up Alice Designs

Jenn Finn, painter and designer of Jenn Finn Designs

Laurel Dickman, designer

Avery Bloom, designer for Recession Clothing

Beth Olson, photographer and graphic designer Beth Olson Designs

Courtney Amundsen, Lazy Lolita Designs

Together, we are fund-raising, building a legendary runway, seeking out designers, models, sponsors, and volunteers, and getting bringing this show to fruition. It will be a wonderful addition to Hawthorne, and will become a beloved yearly event to invigorate our awareness of local production!